Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Song of the Day

Today's song belongs to one of my favourites, Canadian indie pop band, Stars. This song has marvellous lyrics (see: 'Don't know who I am/but I'm here with you/Alive'), an infectious piano melody and great, great vocals. They are playing shows across Australia throughout February & March, which I will unfortunately be unable to attend, but all the more for the rest of you kids to rush out, get tickets and experience the amazingness that is this band, live, right in front of your eyes. Yes.

Listen to Krush (from The Comeback EP, 2001)


27th Feb 08 @ Spectrum, SYDNEY
28th Feb 08 @ East Brunswick Club, MELBOURNE
29th Feb 08 (w/ Broken Social Scene) @ The Zoo, BRISBANE
01st March 08 (St. Jerome's Laneway Fest) @ The Zoo, BRISBANE
02 March 08 (St. Jerome's Laneway Fest) @ Reiby Place, SYDNEY

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