Friday, January 4, 2008

Weekend Mixed Bag

These songs have been making the unbearably hot days, my lack of employment, and anxiousness about what things will be like a month from now barely noticable. So yeah, they're kind of awesome.

Vampire Weekend - Walcott (via YSI)
The kings of kwassa kwassa really know how to make you dance. Whilst these private school kids have a college education from the prestigious Columbia University tucked under their arm, they also have an amusingly diverse set of musical influences ranging from African pop music to classical music to punk to reggae. They make it worth, though, and somehow come up with a gem of a song like this. One to watch for 2008.

Klaxons - It's Not Over Yet (Gentleman's Driver Remix) featuring SoKo
I don't really know very much about SoKo except that she is a twenty-something singer-songwriter/actress with an adorably strong heavy French accent, and a great sense of style. Whilst through her earlier demos, hints of Moldy Peaches' frontwoman Kimya Dawson can be picked up, this paticular track is an exclusive remix for British new-rave poster boys, the Klaxons. SoKo's vocals offer a sense of vulnerability that comes from her sweet, little-girl voice, and the thumping bass make it a perfect track for the weekend. Enjoy!

Semisonic - Singing In My Sleep
I discovered this one a few days ago, and it is perfect for those who miss the ancient craft of quality mixtape-making. Listen to the lyrics closely, and make this the opening track on a mix for someone special.

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