Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Next Best Alternative #2

I didn't think anyone could top a Klaxons cover after I heard Soko on a remix a while ago, but I'm really glad I was proved wrong.

My friend Olivia reminded me how great Goldfrapp are last night, and I was lucky enough to stumble on a session from BBC 1's Live Lounge in which the beautiful, super sophisticated and elegant Alison Goldfrapp does a hauntingly beautiful rendition of 'It's Not Over Yet'.

The band does an excellent job of the cover using acoustic guitars with classical undertones.

This song is also sort of reflective of the different direction that the band has taken with their forthcoming album, The Seventh Tree, due out later this month. Gone is the super-shiny disco-esque glamour found in the Supernature album. It's instead replaced by this refreshingly fresh, vulnerability that seems part hippie (I could easily see 'Little Bird' being featured in a scene between William and Penny Lane in Almost Famous) part fairytale, part soundtrack to an adventure involving a forest and mythical creatures. I strongly believe the album will be worth the wait, despite the disappointment of many long-time fans who appear to miss the heavily electronic beats, provocative lyrics and over-the-top disco-glam videos.

I'll have a more in-depth look at the new album soon-ish, but for now, I leave everyone with this tasty treat of a classy cover that (dare I say it) could possibly rival the original:

Listen to Goldrapp - Not Over Yet

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