Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too!

Ah, Cake. And not just the vanilla frosting/food colouring-infused delight that we all indulge in on birthdays, special occasions and midnight snacks, but rather the kind that involves a group of guys getting together, making great music, mixing various genres like cake batter, and thus getting people happy in the proccess. This Calafornian band that enjoyed the success of radio gem "The Distance" from Fashion Nugget stand out to me as the guys that were responsible for great songs like "Daria" (which got featured on an episode's end credits) and the amusing 'Short Skirt/Long Jacket' with the novelty people-on-the-street-listening-to-the-song-in-the-video-on-headphones video. They haven't released an official record since 2004 (apart from the B-Sides & Rarities), but have been known to tour every now and then, playing musical festivals in the States.

Today I offer up what I feel is one of Cake's best songs, which I originally got into thanks to the soundtrack for the mediocre MTV teen comedy, Orange County. This was one of the songs that pretty much made the soundtrack and the movie. It's upbeat, summery, smart, makes you want to shake your hips. Close your eyes and the plucky, strummy guitars will remind you of the West Coast in an instant.

Listen to Shadow Stabbing ( Comfort Eagle, 2001)

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