Saturday, February 9, 2008

Song of The Day #2


...except listen to 'Silver Lining' by Beulah today. It will make you feel better, I promise.

Punk rock was my first girl /She left me a scar so I have her still /She’s not young, but she’s not old yet /We share the same sun but her’s never sets /You want it /Silver lining shining for you /You got it /The dark cloud always waiting for you /Weightless and tumbling through space I remember her voice but not her face /Floating but she’s always near /She wants to stay but she can’t stay here /You want it /Silver lining shining for you /You got it/ The dark cloud always waiting for you /Frozen in window displays /Where did you hide all those days we’d waste? /Fading but I see her still /She’ll always be my punk rock girl

As for the background on the band, here is what you need to know: they were born in an office mail room in mid-90's San Francisco after Miles Kurosky and Bill Swan decided that despite their mutual dislike for each other, their shared musical influences deserved to be put into practice in order to form a band and make music. They gained attention from bands like Apples In Stereo (who helped them release their first single) but unfortunately disbanded after a free concert in late 2004 after their last record Yoko failed to go gold. And yes, Micheal Cera is kinda a big fan. Rumors of frontman Miles's solo record release are on the horizon, though, so you never know - it might not be the end for long.

This paticular song, off their 2001 record The Coast Is Never Clear aptly reflects Miles's dealing with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder during the album's making. Cue the downbeat, disdainful lyrics synchronized with breezy, summery music that speaks of a different feeling entirely. Thus, it is the song of the day, and the only thing I recommend you listen to, on repeat, all day.

Download Silver Lining (The Coast Is Never Clear, 2001)

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