Friday, June 13, 2008

MGMT at Coachella & The Return of The Cure

MGMT is probably one of my favourite bands. Their music is perfect for turning up on the volume on your headphones and escaping over-crowded city streets to some gloriously Michel Gondry-esque world in a faraway place. You can't not fall in love with their blend of dreamy psychedelic taste-the-rainbow synthpop. I mean, for crying out loud, is the above black and white photo not evidence enough to illustrate that they're just a great bunch of guys? Whilst still at college, a lot of people described their songs as about "not quite growing up and a lot of nonsense", but I'm thinking they meant to say, songs about "not quite growing up and a lot of awesomeness". Here is a bootleg of their gig at Coachella, courtesy of the fine folks over at You Ain't No Picasso. Enjoy.

MGMT's Coachella 2008 set list:

Weekend Wars
The Youth
Of Moons, Birds and Monsters
Future Reflections
Pieces of What
The Handshake
Electric Feel
Time To Pretend

Oh, and in case you haven't caught on already, THE CURE ARE BACK!

Go here to listen to and download their new single 'Freakshow'.

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