Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Death Cab & The Issue of Internal Organ Possession

So. New Death Cab. 4:35-ish instrumental intro. Ben feeling it is nessecary to rock out for this amount of time before kicking into the lyrics. Discuss.

I'd have to say I'm kind of split in the middle with the discovery of this. I am not a fan of long, winding instrumental introductions, but I cannot help but feel that the bass and that moment where the drums quietly join in is really great. And then the piano. And the guitar. And how it all slowly, carefully builds up. Sort of like a very long road trip to someplace you've been wanting to go your whole life. And at about 4:34, it turns out that Ben Gibbard can still write a pretty eloquent song. Although, I have to say, there's something pretty chilling and zombie-like concerning the nature of how Ben proclaims he will "possess your heart".

So I guess your enjoyment (or lack) of this will depend entirely on where you're coming from personally. Perhaps you're a long-time fan, and can completely see Chris Walla's workings on the intro to the song. Maybe Ben Gibbard's voice half-way through the song can make you forgive the "extra trimmings" around the song. You might even just be disappointed because it's no Plans. Or maybe you've been living under a rock and only listened to this last night. The sprawling instrumental probably seems obligatory, if not normal to you. Or maybe just listen to Ben when he says, "You gotta spend some time, love" and let this song grow on you.

As I heard on the interwebs earlier this week, you cannot help but admit that, despite whatever direction Death Cab are choosing to go in or explore with the new record, they're still expressing lyrically what lots of us out there are still too scared to say out loud. Even if it is related to the pretty delicate issue of internal organ possession.

Fans will get the oppourtunity to descend and/or climb up DCFC's Narrow Stairs this May.

Listen to "I Will Possess Your Heart"

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