Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Next Best Alternative #4: John Mayer = Kid A

I'll be honest - I'm not much of a John Mayer fan. But Radiohead, I do dig. So when someone like Mr. Mayer decides to do his own interpretation of a song like "Kid A" and does it well, this is something I dig, too.

There's just something about this song that will keep it stuck in your head for days, whether it's the plucky guitars, John echoing Thom Yorke in saying things like, "Standing in the shadows at the end of your bed" (again, stalker-y sentiment that seems poignant in its context rather than plain old creepy). Zach Braff would love this, and (I'm betting) subsequently sneak it into the next contemplative scene of a Scrubs episode. You'd love it, too. For good reason.

So download it for a life-changing experience. Or at least something to accompany the soundtrack to a quiet night in. This isn't any "Your Body Is A Wonderland", thank God for that.

Listen to John Mayer - Kid A

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